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Three Little Owlets - Behind the Scenes


Ahh yes, the iconic and adorable baby Barred Owls. My most eminent, best selling photograph. A customers' favorite. But what makes this shot so remarkable? Is it the way the owlets gaze into your eyes? Is it because you can't resist the fluff or merely because you're a fan of owls?

For me, certainly, it's the story behind the shot that makes this one image so noteworthy.

Here's the story.

The date was May 2018 in Long Beach, Washington. After weeks of hearing hooting in our back forest, my family finally spotted an owl's nest! It turns out that it wasn't far from our house at all. The Owlets would typically hangout in their nest all day. Upon returning home from a short trip, I immediately heard the owlets calling from deeper in the forest rather than their nest. Finally, they fledged. This was my rare opportunity. I rushed to grab my camera and straight to the forest I went. Because the owlets were so new to the outside world, they still depended on their parents to bring them food, which is why they were calling. As I made my way through the towering evergreens I could hear the sound of the owlets getting closer. At last, I heard them right above me. Spotting them was a whole other challenge. But through all the mossy branches and thick brush, I was finally able to make out their white fluffy feathers. 60 ft up. I couldn't tell how many owlets there were. Maybe one, maybe two. Getting to the same height as the owlets was a priority for me. I knew there was no other way to get an appealing background. So finding a neighboring tree, I started my ascent.

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